brad wilson2 May 26, 2016

What is it?
It’s easy and fun!
Simply pledge $2.00 for every 2 made during the 2016 Players Amateur tournament July 8 – 11 at Berkeley Hall Club in Bluffton, SC. Each member upon pledging will receive one special logoed shirt and hat designed for Two Club supporters only (valued at $60). The cost of the shirt and hat will be billed upon your commitment to the Two Club and deducted from the total amount owed to charity. At the conclusion of the event the total number of 2’s will be calculated and members will be notified.

Here’s how it works!
In 2015, 147 two’s were made during tournament play which helped the Two Club donate $9,000 to
local charities.
If 150 – 2’s are made during 2016 Players Amateur:
150 x $2.00 = $300.00
$300.00 – $60.00 (payment for shirt and hat) =
$240.00 total contribution by the Two Club member

How Do I Get Involved?
If you would like to join or receive more information about the Two Club please contact Andy McMillen, Tournament Coordinator, Players Amateur at 843.671.2448 ext. 242 or at: